About OWL

Organic Wine Lounge (OWL) offers quality organic and vegan friendly wines, shipped straight to your door. Wines range from bold cabs, tasty sangrias, and top of the line roses.  There is an exceptional wine for any palate and lifestyle.  With every bottle sold, a donation will be given to  an animal rescue and or shelter.  Knowing you’re giving an animal a better opportunity will make your drink go down that much smoother!


OWL was founded by two Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduates, who fostered their appreciation for wine and a healthy lifestyle while living in one of the most prestigious wine areas in the world.  OWL's expertise in organic and vegan wines is conveyed in the outstanding selection of fine wines offered throughout the site.  Educating their consumer and providing a detailed analysis of each wine-type was very important to them.

OWL hopes you will enjoy their exceptional selection of organic and vegan wines.  Be sure to check back for monthly specials and exciting news!